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Ontario then ~
Ontario now ~

Ontario is located in California, 40 miles east of Los Angeles, in San Bernardino county.

Student Activity:

  • Make a flip book with a separate page for each:
    • The city I live in is ...
    • The county I live in is ...
    • The State I live in is ...
    • The country I live in is ...
    • The continent I live in is ...
    • The hemisphere I live in is ...
    • The planet I live on is ...

Many freeways pass through or near Ontario

Ontario then ~

When Maud's parents came to Ontario in 1883 the area looked quite different than it does today

Euclid Avenue was named after the famous Greek mathematician. It stretches fifteen miles from the mountains to Santa Ana Canyon. For eight miles it is a double avenue 200 feet wide with a 60 foot center parkway.

The famous Gravity Mule Car

A family out for a drive in the countryside

In the 1890's an historic vehicle known as the Gravity Mule Car was pulled by mules up Euclid Avenue to the foothills. The eight mile trip up took one hour. The return trip took only 20 minutes with the car going 24 miles an hour. The mules rode on a platform on the way down.

Student Activity:

Early cars had a right-hand side steering wheel, no top, and no windshield. The first car sold in San Bernardino county was a 1902 Cadillac that cost $3,250.


 Student Activity:

  • How much does the average car cost today? What is the difference in cost?
  • Find out why early cars had right-hand steering
  • What countries still have right-hand steering ?

 The beautiful Charlotte Armstrong Rose

Ontario was incorporated on December 10, 1891. The city flower is the Charlotte Armstrong Rose; the city colors are blue, green and white; and their song is "Beautiful Ontario" written by Paul Cornel in 1960.

Armstrong Nursery was established in 1890 in Ontario. It is well-known for its famous varieties of roses that are shipped all over the world.


Student Activity:

  • Find out when your town was incorporated. Does it have a flower, color, or song?
  • Create a flag for Ontario using its colors
  • Create a flag for your own city

Ontario now ~

Ontario began as an agricultural settlement but has now become a center for business, transportation, and industry. You may recognize this well-known company. 

The Ontario International Airport is a major center for travel throughout the world

Ontario today is a busy city with many businesses and recreation facilities