Advertise Your City



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Get a large sheet of construction paper for each student or one for each team of students. Crayons, markers, desert photos, scissors, glue sticks. Provide a large map of the California desert. Contact the local Chamber of Commerce for posters or brochures about your city to use as examples.

Advertise your City

Have the students select a real desert city, a city from long ago, or a make-believe desert city. Make an advertising plan that the city council might use to attract people to move to their city. Make a poster or brochure that advertises the good points of the city. Select photos or draw pictures that would show people what the city looks like. Write a catchy slogan. Example: Apple Valley- A Good Place to Live

Share these posters with the class. Hang the posters in class and perhaps have the class vote on the city you would most want to visit.

Rubric -

Grade the student projects on a scale of 1 - 6 (high). Students can receive the maximum score of 6 if their posters include the following: high quality drawings or photos, a catchy slogan, a minimum of three reasons their city is the best. It should be interesting to look at and use color well.