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Special Thanks to Walter Feller

for his many, many photos from his Digital Desert -


Special Thanks to Fran Elgin

Curator of the Victor Valley Community College Local History Collection


Special Thanks to Cliff Walker

for the use of photos and information from his book,

Back Door to California: The Story of the Mojave River Trail


Back Door to California: The Story of the Mojave River Trail - Clifford Walker

Mohahve I, II, III - Mohahve Historical Society - Victor Valley Community College Local History Collection

Hesperia - A Pictoral History - Victor Valley Community College Local History Collection

Kingdom of the Sun - Victor Valley Community College Local History Collection

Additonal Resources about the Mojave Desert


Bits 'N Pieces of the Mohahve Desert's Weathered Past - John Swisher

Mines of the San Bernardino's - John W. Robinson

Advanced Nugget Hunting With the Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector

Peter Heydelaar David Johnson

A Flower-Watcher's Guide Milt Stark

The Art of Dry Washing or Finding Gold in the Desert Otto E. Lynch

Bill Mann's Guide to 50 Interesting and Mysterious Sites in the Mojave Bill Mann

California Desert Byways Tony Huegel

California Ghost Town Trails A.L. Abbott

California Ghost Town Trails Broman and Leadabrand

California Gold Story of the Rush to Riches Phyllis and Lou Zauner

California State Parks California Escapes

California - Nevada Ghost Town Atlas Robert Neil Johnson

Calico Memories of Lucy Bell Lane Alam Lefty Baltzar

Desert Gem Trails Mary Frances Strong

Death Valley Ghost Towns Stanley W. Paher

Death Valley Jeep Trails Roger Mitchell

Desert Peaks Guide Part ii Death Valley Country Walt Wheelock

Diving and Digging for Gold Mary Hill

Early Uses of California Plants Edward K. Balls

Eastern California Treasure Hunters Ghost Town Guide Theron Fox

East Mojave heritage Trail Rocky Ridge to Fenner Dennis G. Casebier

Follow the Dry washers James Straight

From this Mountain Cerro Gordo

Ghost Towns & Mining Camps of California A History & Guide Remi Nadeau

Gold Diggers Atlas Robert Neil Johnson

Gold Fever The Art of Panning and Sluicing Lois De Lorenzo

Gold Panner's Manual Garnet Basque

Gold The Way to Roadside Riches Tom Bishop

High Mountains & Deep Valleys The Gold Bonanza Days Lew and Ginny Clark

The Life of Desert Reptiles and Amphibians Karl Switak

Living on Love and Peanuts Schlatter

The Lizard-Watching Guide Sherburn R. Sanborn

Magnificent Quest A Guide to Prospecting, Dry washing and Nugget Shooting in the Desert

James Straight

Mines of Death Valley L. Burr Belden

Mines of the East Fork John Robinson

Mines of the Eastern Sierra Mary DeDecker

Mines of the High Desert Ronald Dean Miller

Mines of the Mojave Ron and Peggy Miller

Mines of the San Bernardino's John Robinson

Mining the Mojave: Legends, Myths & Romance of the Old West

Modern Electronic Prospecting Roy Laga; Charles Garrett

Mohave Desert OHV Trails Florine Lawlor

Mohave Historical Society Mohave V

Mojave National Preserve A Visitor's Guide Cheri Rae & John McKinney

Mojave Rendezvous True Old Desert Tales by John Swisher

Mojave Road Guide Dennis G. Casebier

The Mother Lode AAA of Southern California

Nevada Ghost Town Trails Mickey Broman

Once Upon a Desert Mojave River Valley Museum

One Eye Closed the Other Red The California Bootlegging Years Clifford James Walker

People of the West Dayton Duncan

Pioneer of the Mojave The Life and Times of Aaron G. Lane

Richard and Kathryn Thompson

Randsburg Mining Area Jack McGinnis

Southern California's Best Ghost Towns Philip Varney

Shoshone and Tecopah Hot Springs Background Information

Desert Studies Center

Stories in Stone Rock Art Pictures by Early Americans Caroline Arnold

Walking the East Mojave A Visitor's Guide to Mojave National Preserve

The West An Illustrated History for Children Dayton Duncan

John McKinney and Cheri Rae

Where To Find Gold in the Desert James Klein

Windshield Adventuring Through The Mojave Desert Russell & Kathlynn Spencer