Desert Weekend Adventure



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Learn about the many types of recreational activities people do in the California desert.

Choose a place to visit in the Mojave Desert. Select a season for visiting the desert.

Prepare an itinerary (a planned schedule) for a weekend adventure in the desert.

You should plan to arrive at your desert destination on Friday evening. Decide how you will travel and how long it will take to arrive in the California desert from your hometown.

Draw a map showing your desert destination.

Create a plan for your activities starting on Friday evening and ending on Sunday afternoon.


Friday - April 14

We will leave our home in San Francisco and fly to Ontario International Airport. We will rent a car and drive to the Eastern Mojave Preserve. We will camp at the Mid Hills Campground.

Saturday - April 15

Morning - After a wonderful breakfast we will hike 8 miles from Mid Hills to Hole in the Wall. We will hike through the canyons photographing the wildflowers that are in bloom. We will look for unusual birds and other wildlife.

Afternoon - After climbing the rings built into the stone canyon to get out of the Hole in the Wall we ate lunch. We drove about 5 miles to Mitchell's Caverns and took a tour of the limestone caverns. It was surprising cool inside. We stayed in a motel in Needles that night.

Sunday - April 16

Morning - As we traveled west on Interstate 40 we took a side trip to visit the beautiful Afton Canyon and then ate lunch at Calico Ghost Town outside of Barstow.

Afternoon - We drove through Cajon Pass and arrived at Ontario Airport for our flight back home. We had a wonderful desert adventure.


Enjoy creating an exciting desert weekend!

Now give an adult your itinerary and head out for an exiting weekend.