Task 2

Hero's Traits' Comparison
You will be working in a group prior to choosing your hero to research. The groups are listed in the People Who Have Made a Difference chart. Each group will have a category of heroes to study. To see the categories and heroes from which to choose, go to the Heroes Chart .

What experiences do heroes go through in order to become famous. Choose one or two historical figures with whom you are already familiar such as Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, or George Washington and compare them to your hero.

  • What were they like as children?
  • What kind of education did they receive?
  • What kind of challenges did they have to overcome before they became famous?
  • What qualities from your list of heroic characteristics did they express?
  • What do you like about them?

In your group, discuss the common characteristics of heroes' lives and actions that helped to distinguish them from other people of their time period. Share your ideas with the class. You may want to use a mind-mapping software like Inspiration to brainstorm your ideas and organize your thoughts.Use your webs or lists to determine specific criteria about what makes a person a hero. Refer to the example and links below for more information:

Abraham Lincoln Online


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