Student Tasks

Student Task Information
This page contains links to the six tasks you must complete.
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Task 1 What is a Hero?
First work together as a whole class to determine traits and characteristics of heroes. Write your ideas on chart paper or sentence strings and put them on the wall.

 Task 2 Heroes' Traits Comparison
Create a timeline and compare fictional heroes to well known heroes like George Washington in order to discover commonalties.

 Task 3 Hero's Journey
Analyze the personal challenges that fictional and historical heroes have to overcome before they accomplish their heroic deeds. Form group to study characteristics of heroes that are organized by name on the heroes chart.

 Task 4 Individual Reports
Write a biography or create a teaching mandala a multimedia stack or use other media to teach their fellow students about their historical figure/ hero.

 Task 5 Group Presentations
Students who were placed in groups according to the categories listed on the Heroes' chart are given an opportunity to present their heroes and tell how these people are similar or different and which ones qualify as "real heroes".

 Task 6 Hero of the Millennium Auditions
The culminating experience is a "heroes convention" where all the students  dress like their hero and present their hero's qualities in competition for the hero of the millennium award. Interview questions will serve as a form of assessment to determine what each student remembers about his/her hero and as a means to persuade the audience about their worth. The winner will be selected based on scores from the interview  and from the performance.

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