Heroes of the Millennium


    The famous filmmaker, Steven Lucas has been asked to make a documentary film about heroism featuring people who have been important to American History. He is not sure whom to choose, so he comes to your school to interview  young people about their heroes. He is surprised to discover that children value modern day movie figures such as "Luke Skywalker", the "Power Rangers", and "Xena" as super heroes over real American heroes. He asks you and your class to help restore faith in American History and the great men and women who have shaped it by finding the people who have been important to American History.

    Steve Lucas and his crew will hold tryouts for cast members for his Hero of the Millennium documentary. You must prepare by researching a hero from the heroes chart. Discover what qualities and actions have made that person important. You will decide whether or not this person is a hero by studying the actions and characteristics of heroes in fiction and real life. You will also study historical figures who have done great things in the same or similar fields. Only then will you know whom you must choose as the Hero of the Millennium for Lucas' film. You should learn everything you possibly can about that hero in order to give a convincing performance to Mr. Lucas and your classmates. You may portray your hero's special qualities using art, dance, multimedia, drama, a speech, or a written report.

    Mr. Lucas has asked a panel of teachers, parents and administrators from the school to help judge the casting call. They will ask a series of interview questions of each participant in order to determine that hero's worth for inclusion in the documentary. You will be evaluated on the quality of the information you give about the hero as well as your ability to convince the panel about his or her heroism.


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