Heroes Chart

    The following hero chart is intended to provide an opportunity to learn about men and women who have impacted American history in the past 1000 years. Sudying their biographies will reveal information about their characteristics, life experiences, values and heroic actions necessary to complete the student tasks. Each category represents types of activities that are linked to the California History Social Science Standards and are ways in which individuals have demonstrated leadership and excellence. It is recommended that groups of students choose a category and try to find common characteristics among the individuals in that group.

    In writing individual biographies you will want to do a search using metasearch engines such as Metacrawler or Dogpile. Use boolean searching techniques (name + biography) on Alta Vista in order to gather sufficient information. It is advisable to check at least two other sources and to carefully examine the authorship of each site to determine whether the facts listed are accurate.

    Don't forget to include a bibliography listing the web site name, web address, authors and page references if you are using internet sources. Refer to the example below for additional information.

      Source: May, 1998, From Now On, Jamie McKenzie,
                   "The New Plagiarism: Seven Antidotes to Prevent Highway Robbery in an Electronic Age."

Heroes Chart
Presidents and First Ladies
Political Figures
and Leaders
Inventors, Artists, and Authors
Scientists, Doctors, and Nurses
Explorers and
Athletes and
Thomas Jefferson
Ben Franklin
John Steinbeck
George Washington Carver
Juan Cabrillo
Jackie Robinson
Andrew Jackson
Susan B. Anthony
Dorothea Lange
Marie Curie
John C. Fremont
Jesse Owens
Abraham Lincoln
Indira Gandhi
Ansel Adams
Louis Pasteur
Jedediah Smith
Amelia Earhart
George Washington
Mother Teresa
Walt Disney
Albert Einstein
John Sutter
Nellie Bly
John Adams
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Thomas Edison
Jonas Salk
Junipero Serra
Eleanor Roosevelt
Frederick Douglass
Maria Tallchief
Sir Issac Newton
Biddy Mason
Jim Thorpe
Franklin  Roosevelt
Harriet Tubman
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Clara Barton
John Smith
Helen Keller
Theodore Roosevelt
Chief Tecumseh
Wright Brothers
Benjamin Banneker
Molly Pitcher
Christopher Columbus
John F. Kennedy
Chief Logan
Samuel Clemens
Leonardo DaVinci
William Penn
Jaques - Yves Cousteau
Abagail Adams
Chief John Ross
Norman Rockwell
Sally Ride
William Bradford
Henry Ford
Dolly Madison
John Marshall
William Shakespeare
Ellen Ochoa
Daniel Boone
Babe Ruth
Dwight Eisenhower
Diego Rivera
Emmy Noether
Lewis & Clark
Joe Di Maggio

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