Student Participation Activities

Student Participation Activity One

Students will create and maintain a journal throughout the unit. Teacher will provide necessary maps and graphic organizers for note taking.

Students will, with direction from teacher, create a rubric for the journal assessment.

Final Activity

This would be explained at the beginning of the unit so students could plan and gather information needed at the beginning of the unit.

Given choices for topic reflection students will create a product to assess their knowledge of the Mexican-American War.

Students will, with the direction from teacher, create a rubric

to assess their product.

Activity Two

Letters/Postcards writing assignments allow the student to place themselves into the historical time period and reflect on what they are learning. Letters can be written to family members at home explaining what has happened to them, share successes/difficulties, reflect loneliness or fears, and seek advice from the person to whom it is written. A postcard is done on a 5 x 8 index card. On the unlined side a picture is drawn to represent something they have seen, such as, the Rio Grande River, the Alamo, or Mexico City with the Spaniard Colonial Architecture. This activity also gives the student a chance to use learned vocabulary.

Click here to download PDF worksheets for the "American Perspective", the "The Mexican Perspective", and a blank worksheet

Activity Three

The Mexican American War was the first time in the United States' history that public opinion was influenced by newspapers. The propaganda was most apparent in the political cartoons of the time. Overheads would be prepared for the students to view and discuss. The teacher should present a lesson on what political cartoons look like and how they present certain views to persuade readers to form a certain opinion and to change opinions. A good follow-up activity would be for students to find political cartoons in various newspapers today and determine what the cartoonist is trying to convey. The students could also be assigned to create a cartoon to reflect their opinions about a current event.

Click here to download the PDF document for the "Cartoon Worksheet" and the "Graphic Organizer"

Activity Four

Students would compose a "My Perspective" poem to reflect acquired knowledge of one perspective. That perspective would be chosen by them and could reflect one of the major players in the war or time leading up to the war, it could reflect the perspective of one of the settlers from either side, or it could reflect the feelings of the common soldiers. The student might also choose to reflect the feelings of one of the people left behind by the settlers or soldiers. (Outline of poem follows )

Click Here to download the PDF document of the "My Perspective Poem"

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