Perspectives of the Mexican American War
1846 - 1848

Extensions across the Curriculum:

Mathematics: Lessons which have students find the percentages of land mass lost by Mexico and gained by the United States. This would include three states, when the United States gained/lost the territory of Texas, the land gained/lost as a result of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, and as a result of the Gadsden Purchase. An overall gain/loss could be found by comparing land mass prior to 1846 with that after 1853. Various costs per acre could be computed and compared also.

Art/Music: Music from the time period from both the United States and Mexico. Quilts that reflect what was happening and Mexican Weavings.

Physical Education: The Land Grab Game. Instructions included at end of packet.

Technology: If Internet access is available there are many websites, particularly in Texas. I accessed most of them by typing "Kids Mexican-American War" and they led me to others. I don't have access in my classroom so I bring in snippets. I also encourage my students to use the VCR segments for reports, they are limited to two for a presentation. The two together can be no more than 5 minutes and they must be able to explain clearly why they are important to their presentation. I make a film strip projector and an overhead available. They are encouraged to develop graphic organizers for their presentation. It helps them organize their thoughts and keeps them on track while presenting.

Language: Spanish is easily added to this unit, many of the spelling books now have a lesson on foreign language's influence on English and this would be a great place to include it. I have also created my own.

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