Colonial: of or relating to the original 13 colonies that formed the United States

Native: people already living in North America before any European colonists arrived

Yankee: person who lived in the north eastern American colonies

peddler: a traveling salesman who sold goods that the settlers could not make themselves

cobbler: a shoe maker

merchandise: things to be sold or for sale

crafts: occupations or trades that required artistic and specialized skill

obedient: to obey the authority that a person is under

apprenticed: to be bound to serve a skilled worker for a given period in order to learn his/her skill

orphaned: a child given up by his/her parents

indentured: to sell ones self to a merchant or ship captain for a given period of service in order to get passage to the New World

mercantilism: the idea that a nations exhistence depended on power and their power on wealth

Trade Acts: number of laws passed by Great Britain that denied the American colonies their previous trade rights with other countries

colonists: people who lived in the colonies

molasses: thick syrup that is a result of manufacturing sugar cane into sugar

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