Exploring Local History Using Primary
Source Documents
An Activity for Intermediate and Above English Learners

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  • natural resources
  • damming
  • reservoir
  • meadow
  • recreation
  • recreation
  • tunnels
  • drought
  • economy
  • dredging
  • lumber

Vocabulary Activity

Create a Vocabulary Chart for the words above. Students write a definition of the word, draw a picture, and an example of the word.

Using the Lake Arrowhead photographs you may also want the students to:

Identify how the lake enables us to use the natural resources in our community.
Explore other natural resources (e.g. timber, minerals/ores)
Draw pictures to illustrate the vocabulary words and add them to your Social Studies vocabulary dictionary.

Additional activities that may be included are:

Ask your students to look through their own family albums to see how it helps them understand their past.
Make a list of places where the students might find answers to the questions they had about their photographs.
Discuss how the community has changed over time.
Discuss which parts of the community still remain the same.