Developing the Topic


    If your school has access to the internet, research on Lewis and Clark is easy. Check out the listed web sites for information on the members of the Corps of Discovery, journal entries, maps, tribes encountered, etc. Assign students individually, in pairs, or in groups to research one of the key figures in the Lewis and Clark expedition such as Thomas Jefferson, Lewis, Clark, Charles Floyd, Jr., Patrick Gass, John Ordway, Sacagawea, Toussaint Charbonneau, Nathaniel Pryor, York, Louisiana Purchase, the Aridara, Assiniboin, Blackfeet, Chinook, Hidatas, Mandan, Missouri, Nez Perce Oto, Shoshoni, Teton Sioux, Tillamook, Walla Walla, Wishram, Yankton Sioux, or keelboats, Students can then prepare presentations to share the information that they learned.

Mapping the Route (***Secondary Source Material)

    Students will need atlases to complete this activity. In pairs or small groups, provide a U.S. map and the timeline from Lewis and Clark for Kids or from any of the listed web sites, Have students map where the corps traveled including dates of arrival.


    One of the items brought back by the expedition was a buffalo hide that was covered in pictographs by the Sioux Indians. Important events depicted included meteor showers and the capture of horses. Have each student take a paper bag, open it up, and cut out the shape of a hide. Have each student paint or draw 12 pictures (one for each month) on the hide about their own lives using symbols - NO WORDS.