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The Byzantine Disaster 

General History of Byzantine Empire and/or Rise of Ottoman Turks

The Shining Fortress - a history of Byzantium. Use this first!! The first section has Byzantine contributions, why the location was chosen and how the city was built. The last sections tell about how Venice helped to sack it in 1204 and about the last two centuries, including information on the Ottomans.

The History of the Byzantine Empire tells the way the Empire was ruled after the Crusades and what survived after 1453. There are three maps of the Empire at different times to 1350. Also click on The Fall of Constantinople at the top and see a great map of Constantinople showing the battle. Day to day detail of the city's last days and info on Venice and Varna

Muslim view of the battle for Constantinople, click on Liberation of Constantinople under Islamic History.

Chronology of History of the Middle Ages - events listed, including annotated military history.

Chronological History of the Eastern Empire from 476 to 1453

Fall of Constantinople and what it meant to Hungary

History of "Istanbul During the Byzantine Period" when it was Constantinople. Great info on the disrepair and building of Galata by Genoa. Click on hypertext to scroll down.

History of Greece and the Ottomans. "Soon a new power..."

Information on the death of Constantine XI and short blow by blow of siege and fall & a poem.

History about Constantinople, what it was really like and what caused it to fall. http://www.geocities.com/Paris/5972/Constantinople.html

Population of major cities from 528 AD to 1483. Constantinople had less than 23,000 in 1483.

Links to all types of info and tells what Mehmed did after he defeated the Byzantines (at the bottom of the page).

A real brief history of the Ottoman conquest and result of the fall--"scholars moved"