Which Country Will Make You the Most Money?

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12.6.4- Students analyze issues of international trade, and explain how the US economy affects, and is affected by, economic forces beyond its borders, in terms of explaining foreign exchange, how exchange rates are determined,. and the effects of the dollar gaining (or losing) value relative to other currencies.

Grade Level and Purpose

The research project may be used in the following classes: Economics, Geography and Business Education. The purpose of the unit is an introduction to money systems in the US and how people are effected by other countries in the world, as a part of a global economy. This project is for grades 9-12.

Teacher Materials

Nothing special needed.

Classroom Management

Groups of two to four students will set up and will be assigned to the currency and country they will work on. Students will also have to work on the projects as individuals within the groups, as they have to turn in individual work as well.

Research in the school computer lab (and possibly the school library) is necessary. Discuss the project with your school computer lab technician and librarian to determine the extent of the available print sources.


Any special needs students might need some extra one-on-one help with the subject materials.


This unit should take about one class period to set up during the first week, then one class period a week, for four weeks total.


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