Which Country Will Make You the Most Money?

What Did You Find Out???

Group Requirements

1. Complete the Get Information Page and write a single information page on each country that you are studying (Great Britain, Germany, Japan and USA), paying particular attention to the economics, money, trade and transportation of each country. Include a map and flag of each country.

2. Participate in the end of the 4-week Forum to compare information and International Money trading results.

3. Prepare a two-page abstract of your group research and a graphic for presentation at the forum.

Individual Requirements.

Each person will be required to do the following:

1. Complete a project log for each day you work on the project.

2. Complete a Group Evaluation at the conclusion of the project.

3. Complete one of the following:

Story: Acting as a financial newspaper reporter, write a story about the benefits of state and local governments investing in International Money Trading to increase assets. Be sure to answer the who, what, when, why, and where questions. Include what country the government should invest in, and why that country over other countries. (One page minimum)

Brochure: Create and informational brochure that could be used to do International Money Trading.

Interview: Contact a local stock broker/ money trader and do a 10-minute telephone interview. document the questions asked and answers given.

Get Information Page / Activity Page / Team Page / Resources Page
What Did You Find? / Score Page on Money Trading
Trading Score Sheet / Teacher Info Page / Conclusion and Reflection Page