Which Country Will Make You the Most Money?

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Group Roles

Your group will be assigned a country, either Great Britain, Germany, Japan or the USA Each group will study information about the country, it's money and economy, then start trading it's money. Your group will meet at the end of four weeks to compare the results of their investigation into your country, its money, and their money trading results.


Form groups of two to four students and select a currency that your group will trade.

1. Research informationon the country that you chose, its money and economy, and what it's money is trading for today versus the currencies of the other countries that you are trading against.

2. Visit the Team Page to see a few suggestions on how to proceed as a functional, efficient group.

3. Visit the Score Page on Money trading to review both the group and the individual requirements for this project.

4. Use the Resources Page to begin your research inot International Money Trading.

5. Complete your group research by the end of the 4th week.

6. Complete your individual requirements.


You will earn points based on the following:

60- group project
60-Indivitual Assignment
40-Money Trading Game participation

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