$2,000 REWARD $2,000

Offered by Mr. Hughes Rudman of Wilcox county, Alabama
for the return, Alive and in Good Condition, of his negroes:

Peter, 29 years of age, six feet, one inch tall, 190 pounds in weight. He has very dark skin, a knife scar shaped like a half moon on his left cheek, numerous whip scars on his back. He possesses the skills of a blacksmith and may have secured employment in that trade. $1,500 reward.
Lucy, his wife, 18 years of age, five feet, five inches tall, 140 pounds in weight. She has light skin and a very prominent chin. She can read and write, and may have forged freedom papers for the couple. $500 reward.

These two ran off April 21, 1851, and have been reported heading for this vicinity. Anyone having any knowledge of the whereabouts of either or both of these negroes is requested to contact the nearest sheriff or federal authorities. Reward will be paid upon confirmation of identity.
Willful withholding of information pertaining to the apprehension of these fugitives is a violation of federal statute and is punishable by fine and imprisonment.
August 7, 1851