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abusive hurt or injure by treating in a bad or cruel way
advocated to speak in favor of; recommend; urge.
affect to have an influence on
assemblies groups of people that gather to discuss issues
authority the power and right to decide on and to enforce laws or rules
balance a steady or stable position
basic forming the main part of something; absolutely necessary
basis the part on which other parts rest or depend; foundation
benevolence feelings of goodness and kindness
bully a person who uses strength to get what they want
censorship when freedom of speech is controlled by someone in power
consent to give permission; agree
contract an agreement between two or more persons or groups
corrupt dishonest; wicked
criticize to judge whether something is good or bad; evaluation
democratic based on the idea of equal rights for all
doctrines a belief or set of beliefs held by a group of people
economist someone who studies how money, goods, and services work
elite a powerful minority; a socially superior group
endowed to be given
enforce to make sure rules or laws are followed
Enlightenment period of history when scientific thinking was thought to be powerful
ethically following accepted morals and standards of society
formal correct and official
focus to center attention on; the primary part
inalienable unable to be denied or taken away
influence able to make change occur; very important
intellectual somebody with high mental ability and training
interference to try to stop something from happening
interpret to explain the meaning or importance
issue a subject being discussed or argued about
justice right; appropriate; fair
justify to explain away and make actions reasonable
liberty freedom
literary relating to literature and writing
maintain keep and protect
morality following accepted beliefs of society and culture
nauseatingly making you sick
opposition someone or something against
particularly especially; most importantly
petition a formal request
philosophy study of the truth about life and nature
preserve to keep and protect
principle belief that is held to be true or right
produce to create or make
promote to help develop or grow
proponent someone who helps spread and idea
pursuit to chase after and try to claim
rebel to fight against those in power
reflect be true to what was intended
representation people who are elected to stand for your point of view
responsibilities an obligation or duty; something which must be cared for
rights guarantees of personal freedom
separate divided apart
standard rules which are used to show correct actions
suffrage the right to vote
suppressive to stop the development of; put down using force
system a set of rules and beliefs
theory an idea of why things happen
tyranny when power is abusive and used to hurt people
utility something that is able to be used
will the power of the mind to make decisions

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