Cahuilla Indian Sources

Malki Museum, Banning

Native American Languages
A good teacher resource - she studies and teaches Native languages.

Cahuilla Information
Excellent Cahuilla source with index.

Cabazon Indian Site

San Manuel Indians
Ask them about their CD. This site is basically gambling-related. Not for students! (Most school systems will not access this site - has casino gambling information)

Cahuilla Site
Unofficial site with Curtis' notes about Cahuilla. Links to official sites.

Agua Caliente Indian Site
Official site of Agua Caliente Cultural Museum in Palm Canyon near Palm Springs.

Historical Landmarks
This guy travels around California looking at and making photos of Landmarks. Has Guachama rancheria plaque photo.
This is Donald Laird's page for all the San Bernardino historical landmarks he has visited. Bernardino
(Donald Laird's home page, with links to other landmark sites.)

San Bernardino County Museum

County Museum homepage -

Rains House Page -

Loma Linda University

General University Information -

Heritage Room Information - Loma Linda University Del E. Webb Library,

Heritage Room, searchable database of

City of Loma Linda

Official website of the city of Loma Linda

Home to Museum Entrance

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