Cityhood 1970-2000 - Page 5

Loma Linda - "Hungry for Power!"

University Power Plant

As you drive by on Anderson Street, you may see steam rising from this building. You may not know what goes on inside.

I got to see the power plant. It's huge! And noisy! And it is one of the coolest places to visit in all of Loma Linda.

Inside all these metal boxes are two giant engines. The engines are jet turbines, like the engines that make airplanes go.

The turbines supply all the power that the University needs.

The power plant also makes hot and cold water, steam, and pure water for the hospital. There are miles of pipes inside the building.

Curtis Armstrong shows me how the computer controls the power plant.

Sometimes the University makes more power than it needs. Then it sells the extra power to the Edison Company!

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