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Gin – short for engine
Harvest – gathering up the crops
Capital – money or property owned or used in business
Invest – to put money into business
Patent – a writing securing to an inventor for a term of years the exclusive right make, use, or sell his invention.
If you choose to have students explain their inventions or write directions for their inventions you may need the following sequencing words.  This will help the ESL or the ELL student be successful.  This is posted on a wall in my room.  Students are welcome to add words to the list.  Whenever a student needs a sequence word, they know where to look, and they know that they can experiment with some higher-level vocabulary.

First Next Then
earlier thereafter in conclusion
previous subsequently conclusively
prior to consequently finally
originally after that therefore
in the year from that furthermore
in the beginning later eventually
initially since many years later
following last
shortly thereafter third
as a result of  obviously
meanwhile as you can see
second led to
now brought about