Previewing Text
(Ideas from the RAD Program)

Previewing a Text book (beginning of the year):

  1. What is the title?
  2. Who are the authors?
  3. How many pages are in the book?
  4. What are the chapter titles?
  5. In what color is the title of the chapter printed?
  6. In what color are the headings printed?
  7. How are the important terms marked?
  8. Are there any visual aids?
  9. Is there a glossary or dictionary? Where?
  10. Are there any other special sections in the back of the book?

Previewing ANY assigned text:

  1. Read the title.
  2. Read the headings.
  3. Look at the visuals.
  4. Scan for special terms.
  5. Skim the review questions.


(Deliberately slows down the reading process for greater-comprehension).

  1. Survey--preview the chapter (headings, pictures, theme, vocabulary, headings, etc.)
  2. Question--make questions out of the topic headings and generate questions from the predictions made after surveying
  3. Read--(just one section at a time), stop and try to answer questions that were generated. Reread until questions have been answered.
  4. Recite--recite the answer to yourself, make a note and go on to the next section
  5. Review--at the end of the chapter, summarize the text and review regularly

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