Information Literacy

"...the ability to access, evaluate, and use information from a variety of sources."
--Christina Doyle

An information literate person accesses information...

*recognizes the need for information

*recognizes that accurate and complete information is the basis for intelligent *decision making

*formulates questions based on information needs

*identifies potential sources of information

*develops successful search strategies

*accesses print and technology-based sources of information

*is a competent reader

An information literate person evaluates information...

*establishes authority

*determines accuracy and relevance

*recognizes point of view and opinion versus factual knowledge

*rejects inaccurate and misleading information

*creates new information to replace inaccurate or missing information as needed

An information literate person uses information...

*organizes information for practical application

*integrates new information into an existing body of knowledge

*applies information in critical thinking and problem solving

The Research Process

*explore/identify the need for information

*formulate questions

*relate question to prior knowledge

*identify potential resources

*develop general search strategies to refine the questions

*locate, analyze and select information needed

*determine how to communicate information

*evaluate results/process

Source: excerpt from "From Library Skills to Information Literacy: A Handbook for the 21st Century" and the Instructional Technology Development Consortium

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