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My Community Timeline

Word Bank:
communities tourists loggers reservoir railroad
century milled forest vacation Native Americans

Directions: Use the terms from the word bank to complete these sentences. Then cut them apart and use the sentences to build your community’s timeline.

Before 1850, ___________________________________often came to the mountains in the summer to gather acorns and pine nuts.

Between 1910 and 1920, _______________________started to come “up the hill” on motor stages. It was a long and dusty ride on steep dirt roads.

Settlers came to the mountains to cut trees for timber companies. At first, ___________________used teams of oxen or horses to haul logs to the sawmill. Later they used steam engines and winches to drag the heavy logs over to the mills.

In 1893, businessmen started building a _______________________in Little Bear Valley to store water. It was later named Lake Arrowhead.

At the turn of the __________________, people were not allowed to drive automobiles on the logging roads. Visitors came up on Pony Stages to see the new lake being built.

In the early 1900s, the timber companies built a _________________________to haul logs from the busy sawmills.

After being ____________________, the lumber was taken down the mountain to lumberyards in San Bernardino and Redlands. In the early 1920s, most of it was used to build houses and orange crates. The roads were improved to handle more traffic.

In the early 1930s, the lumber operations had moved out and the _________________was growing back. People started building vacation homes and cabins.

By the late 1930s, Lake Arrowhead was a popular ____________________spot. Tourists and movie stars came up to relax and breathe the mountain’s fresh air. Many people loved it so much they decided to move up and live in the mountains full time.

Today, the mountain ___________________________ enjoy Lake Arrowhead, Lake Gregory, Big Bear Lake, Silverwood Lake, Grass Valley Lake and Green Valley Lake. It is home to several thousand people and has excellent neighborhoods, schools, and shopping.