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VI. Learning Advice for Students:

At this point in your education, I believe that you can make wise choices and select your group members responsibly. However, because your teacher is concerned with your success, he/she may help you to make these wise choices.

Please complete the web site evaluation forms as you visit the sites.

At the end of this lesson, you will have one more class period to write up your answers to the questions found in the “Conclusion” and “Reflection” parts of this activity.

Remember that your group grade on this activity will be part of your overall grade. You must collaborate and work together cooperatively. If you are experiencing problems with your group, please develop a solution and continue working.

Learning Advice from real live students:

“If you work hard on this project, you will get a lot out of it.” Roberto V., Maria P.

“Don’t waste time or fool around because you won’t be ready.” Natalie S.

“Choose a group in which you can get along with and work well” Dalia C., Shawna F

“If you choose a group with your best friends, be careful not to visit too much and not get the work done.” Crystal S.

“Get your work done in class because staying after school to finish it is no fun.” Megan W.

“Get your work done quickly. Due dates come fast.” Sarah V.

“Work together and get as much information as possible.” Summer I.

“Skimming through the lesson in you textbook helps give you more information” Do as much research as possible, otherwise this is a very hard lesson.” Adrienne M.

“Get everything done ahead of time.” Amanda G.

“Read everything carefully, especially the directions.” Austin E.

“Do your part to help your group and you’ll have no problem.” Efrain M.

“Work hard from the beginning and don’t try to take shortcuts. Manage your time wisely.” Andy V., Megan W.

“This project will teach you a lot if you are willing to do the work.” Jessica T.

“Choose your group wisely. The project is pretty easy if you have a group you can depend on.” Also, be willing to ask the teacher questions.” Michele C.

“Do your best on this lesson. It gets hard in some places, but never give up. You can do it.” Laura R.

“Don’t let your group hold you back. Don’t let your group control your future. Stay focused on the assignment or it is easy to get confused.” Bethanie A.

“Pay attention. Following directions in this lesson is very important. Listen closely and read carefully. Stay on task.” Claudia A., Adrianna H., Cynthia C.

“Take your time, but don’t waste time. Do your best.” Yvonne T.

“Choose your group from people you know will do their part.” Eva C.

“Choose a smart, hard working, always on task group.” Stephanie R.

“Get all the information you can. This assignment is easier if you have lots of information.” Nicole M.

“Be prepared to work hard on this assignment.” Annaliese H.

“Use the internet because that is the best source for information. This assignment is pretty easy once you have lots of information.” Cara D.

“Get lots of information and work well in your group.” Jessica C.

“Work hard, get lots of research , and you will do a good job.” Miel R.

These comments are from Ms. Kelly’s 8th grade class of 1999-2000 who test piloted a similar lesson.