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Imbedded Assessments:

Day 1
Choose your topic from the chart. Read through the student part of this lesson before you begin work. Divide up jobs among group members. Review the rubric and assignment criteria for this project. On a piece of paper, write your name, research topic, job, and the grade you intend to earn on this project. Turn this in to the teacher.

Assign jobs to each group member. Everybody is a researcher to acquire assigned information about his/her topic.
A. Historian is the source manager. In the event that more sources are needed or desired, this person will help find other appropriate sources for the group members. This person should have access to the internet after school hours. In the event that the Manager is absent, this person will take over those duties. This person should be the Philosopher Researcher.
B. Manager is also the organizer. This person should be able to organize the group’s research and settle minor problems or disputes. In the event that the Planner is absent, this person will take over those duties.
C. Planner will be responsible for keeping the group on task and meeting checkpoint deadlines. It is important to meet these checkpoints so you and your group will earn the maximum points possible on this assignment. In the event that the Historian is absent, this person will take over those duties.
D. Techie/Artist will be the person to organize and create the presentation either using technology or poster or skit or PowerPoint©. This person should be artistic and/or have expertise with making computer-based presentations. In the event that the Planner is absent, this person will be able to take over those duties.

Day 2 & 3
Begin your research. Fill out one Research Sheet for each site you visit and/or source you use. These sheets are available in the Teacher Section of this lesson. At the end of Day 3 you will need to have 3-5 sheets completed. Turn these into your teacher.

Day 4
You will spend half the period meeting as a group of four. Discuss the research you have so far, and what other research you need. The Philosopher Researchers will meet to assure that their research contains different aspects of the philosophers’ lives. While the Philosopher Researchers meet, the other group members should resume their research.

Day 5
For today, focus on “capturing” pictures and images. Google Images is excellent for this purpose. By the end of today, you should be finished with your research. Turn your final research in to your teacher.

Day 6 & 7
Out of class work. Suggested activities may include: group collaboration, collect extra pictures & images, work on poster, skit, website or Power Point.

Day 8 & 9
Groups meet with teacher to discuss progress. Group members not meeting with the teacher/emperor are working independently on their project components. Teacher decides if groups of 8 can be reunited or need to continue working separately. Reunification equals bonus points.

Day 10 & 11
Groups are either working as teams of 8 or groups of 4 to complete the project. Students should be creating something especially pleasing for the emperor. Remember, much is at stake! These activities may include anything above and beyond the basic criteria for this project. Get ready for the Lantern Festival!

Day 12 & 13
Students are working independently outside of the classroom, putting finishing touches on their projects. Philosopher Researchers are preparing their “sales pitch” as to why their belief system is best for unifying China. Groups meet with teacher/emperor to discuss progress.

Day 14
Students are making final preparations for Lantern Festival. The highlight of the Lantern Festival will be convincing the emperor to choose their belief system and a national code. Be prepared to be very persuasive!

Day 15
Lantern Festival and Imperial Decision of National Philosophy