Web Site Evaluation Form

Student Name: ________________________________________________ Date ____________
Site Name:_____________________________________________________________________
Site Address/URL: http://__________________________________________________________
(Respond to all questions below. Leave blank any question that does not apply.)
Consider WHO is responsible for the web site:

  • Does the publisher appear to be knowledgeable about the content?___ YES ___ NO
  • Does the publisher qualify as an authority or expert on the topic?___ YES ___ NO
  • Can you contact the publisher from the site? ___ YES ___ NO
  • Is the site's sponsor identified? ___ YES ___ NO

Consider WHAT is the content/subject matter of the web site:

  • Does the content appear to be accurate? Error free? ___ YES ___ NO
  • Is the information presented in an objective manner, with a minimum of bias? ___ YES ___ NO
  • Is there real depth-of-content (vs. information that is limited and superficial)?___ YES ___ NO
  • Are links from the site appropriate and/or supportive of the content?___ YES ___ NO
  • Does the content have educational or informational value? ___ YES ___ NO

Consider WHERE the web site resides:

  • What type of domain is this site?
    __ .gov __ .com __ .edu __ .org __ .net. __ .biz Other __________
  • Is this a personal page with a "~" or ".name" in the URL? ___ YES ___ NO

Consider WHEN the web site was last updated:

  • Is the information current? ___ YES ___ NO
  • Does the site provide information on when it was last updated? ___ YES ___ NO
  • Does a current date matter? ___ YES ___ NO

Consider HOW the main page looks and functions:

  • Is the page easy to understand and use? ___ YES ___ NO
  • Is the page well organized? ___ YES ___ NO
  • Does the page load in a reasonable amount of time? ___ YES ___ NO
  • Do all of the links work? ___ YES ___ NO
  • Is the page free from (excessive amounts of) advertising? ___ YES ___ NO

Consider WHY the web site exists:
Is the site trying to:

  • sell something? ___ YES ___ NO
  • inform? ___ YES ___ NO
  • persuade? ___ YES ___ NO
  • Is the web site appropriate for your target audience? ___ YES ___ NO
  • Is the Internet the best place to find this information (vs. books, journals, etc.)? ___ YES ___ NO

Comments & Research Notes: Please list on the back side of this form.