The principal has asked your class to supply the biography posters on César Chávez that have been requested by the Chamber of Commerce. Because your school will be recognized through this display, you will need to use your best research, writing and layout skills. You must also follow all directions carefully so that each bio-poster is in a standard format.

Step 1
Use the Internet, the materials listed in the Resources section and other materials to find the following information and take notes about what you have read on a 3 x 5 card or paper, including where you learned this information:

  • At least one photo of César Chávez especially one showing him in action
  • A timeline of Chávez life and work with at least five references to other events in the same time period
  • Three to five contributions Chávez made through his life and work
  • The impact of his work on other people at the time he lived
  • The lasting influence of Chávez life
  • Chávez beliefs, hope or dreams in his own words

Step 2
Use your note cards to find the information and then complete the writing about Chávez’ life needed for the bio-poster

  • Write three paragraphs with at least three sentences each on Chávez’ contributions.
  • Write one paragraph on the impact of Chávez’ work.
  • Write one paragraph on the influence of Chávez’ life today.
  • Copy one quote from Chávez that shows what he wanted to achieve (primary source).
  • Write out five questions answered by your bio-poster.

Step 3
Share your work with an editor (teacher, student team, parent or aide). Make needed corrections in your work.

Step 4
Copy at least one picture of Chávez from the Internet or book onto a piece of paper and print it out. List the source of each picture in small print under it and write a 3-6 word caption. If you cannot copy a picture, draw one of your own but make it no larger than 4” x 6”.

Step 5
Make a bibliography listing the books and Internet sources you used in your research. Make sure you show all the materials you used and use the format given by your teacher.

Step 6
Assemble your poster according to these directions:

  • Size (no exceptions): 11” x 14” Construction paper or tag board works best. Use both sides.
  • Your name(s): Put the name or names of the authors of the poster in the lower right hand corner.
  • Title: Use large letters and include the name of César Chávez in some way in the title. It doesn’t have to be at the top of the page but it does have to draw the eye and be clear that the poster is about Chávez.
  • Pictures: Use 1-2 photos or pictures with written captions and source listed.
  • Timeline: Communicate important events in Chávez’ life and how they relate to other events that happened at the same time on your timeline. Make the timeline size fit on the page either lengthwise or crosswise, leaving at least a small margin. It may be neatly hand printed or done on the computer.
  • Written Information: You may do all of your writing neatly by hand. However, if you use a computer, it will make your poster look much more professional. If possible, input each section of writing on the computer, give it a title to match the topic (such as IMPACT OF CHÁVEZ LIFE TODAY), check your spelling and draw a box around the passage. Carefully cut out the passages for posting.
  • Questions: Input three or four questions about Chávez that are answered by your bio-poster onto a piece of paper, title them, draw a box around them, cut them out. As above, you may write out your questions by hand, but using the computer will make them look better.
  • Bibliography: Make a list of the sources you used in making your bio-poster. Use the format your teacher requires.
  • Layout: With the blank poster paper on a flat surface, try different ways to lay out the pictures, questions, timeline and written material until it is pleasing to the eye and easy to follow and understand for the reader. Put a dab of glue or a piece of tape to “tack” the layout in place until you are satisfied that it is ready to glue securely.
  • Follow this example

Step 7
Bio-Poster Carousel
Lay out all the posters from the class so that students, other teachers, visitors, and administrators may view them. Students should be available to answer questions about their poster at the Bio-Poster Carousel.