César Chávez Bio-Posters

A Problem - base Activity

March 31 has been designated a state holiday in honor of César Chávez. Since the holiday is a new one, merchants in town have decided that they want to put bio-posters in their shop windows that explain to customers about who Chávez was and why he is important to remember. The Chamber of Commerce has written the following letter to your school principal.

Chamber of Commerce
100 Any Street
California Town 10000

Dear Principal:

The merchants of California Town want to recognize the new California holiday commemorating the birthday of César Chávez and recognize all he achieved for civil rights in our great state. The advertising agencies in our area are unable to supply the needed posters because of the demand for Women’s History Month material. We want to display posters that your students create, but we need them to follow some specific size and content criteria that we will discuss with you on the phone if you decide that this is a worthy use of your students’ time. Thank you for your help. We will need the posters by March 15.


Jose Smith
President of the Chamber of Commerce

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