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Bio-Poster Layout

César Chávez Bio-Posters

March 31 has been designated a state holiday in honor of César Chávez. Since the holiday is a new one, merchants in town have decided that they want to put bio-posters in their shop windows that explain to customers about who Chávez was and why he is important to remember. The Chamber of Commerce has written the following letter to your school principal.

Chamber of Commerce
100 Any Street
California Town 10000

Dear Principal:

The merchants of California Town want to recognize the new California holiday commemorating the birthday of César Chávez and recognize all he achieved for civil rights in our great state. The advertising agencies in our area are unable to supply the needed posters because of the demand for Women’s History Month material. We want to display posters that your students create, but we need them to follow some specific size and content criteria that we will discuss with you on the phone if you decide that this is a worthy use of your students’ time. Thank you for your help. We will need the posters by March 15.


Jose Smith
President of the Chamber of Commerce

The principal has asked your class to supply the biography posters on César Chávez that have been requested by the Chamber of Commerce. Because your school will be recognized through this display, you will need to use your best research, writing and layout skills. You must also follow all directions carefully so that each bio-poster is in a standard format.

Step 1
Use the Internet, the materials listed in the Resources section and other materials to find the following information and take notes about what you read on a 3 x 5 card or paper, including where you learned this information:

Step 2
Use your note cards to find the information and then complete the writing about Chávez’ life needed for the bio-poster

Step 3
Share your work with an editor (teacher, student team, parent or aide). Make needed corrections in your work.

Step 4
Copy at least one picture of Chávez from the Internet or book onto a piece of paper and print it out. List the source of each picture in small print under it and write a 3-6 word caption. If you cannot copy a picture, draw one of your own but make it no larger than 4” x 6”.

Step 5
Make a bibliography listing the books and Internet sources you used in your research. Make sure you show all the materials you used and use the format given by your teacher.

Step 6
Assemble your poster according to these directions:

Step 7
Bio-Poster Carousel
Lay out all the posters from the class so that students, other teachers, visitors, and administrators may view them. Students should be available to answer questions about their poster at the Bio-Poster Carousel.


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César Chávez Chronologies

Chávez Quotes

LaCausa: Story of César Chávez and the United Farm Workers from Wayne State University

César E. Chávez Biography from the California Curriculum Project 1994

The Story of César Chávez by the United Farm Workers

Chávez Photo Gallery

Use the posters to celebrate César Chávez Day on March 31 and share them with family and friends.


Your poster will be evaluated based on: