Web Resources

Fight in the Fields: Behind the Scenes
Here is a selection of audio files in English and Spanish that were made as part of the research for the PBS film Fight in the Fields.

History of the United Farm Worker
In addition to biographies of César Chávez, Dolores Huerta, and Arturo Rodriguez, this site has a summary of the history and actions of the UFW.

Si Se Puede! César E. Chávez and His Legacy
Based on a 1996 exhibit on Chávez at UCLA, this site provides a chronology, quotes from Chávez, and a brief biography.

Dolores Huerta
This site has a biography and other material on Dolores Huerta who was co-founder of United Farm Workers. She was named "Woman of the Year" in 1998.

Quotes by César Chávez
Here is a selection of primary source quotes and short passages by Chávez. They are organized by topic for easy use.

The 1965 Grape Boycott: A Case Study in Strategy
The site by the UFW has primary material on the 1965 Grape Boycott and links to curriculum resources titled Social Justice 1960's-1970's by Oakland USD.

Corridos sin Fronterras: A New World Ballad Tradition
This Smithsonian Institute Traveling Exhibit has a listing of corridos and their importance as a voice of the people during various periods of history including the 1960's-70's Farmworker Movement. Lessons on telling a story through corridos or analyzing them to learn about issues of social justice are included.