Interviewer’s Name:

School District:
Date and Location:
Signature of the interviewee (optional):

I grant permission for all or part of my answers to these questions to be used for educational purposes and to be posted on the Internet.

Signed: ____________________________________

I grant permission to use my picture in an educational publication or on the Internet to accompany this interview.

Signed: ____________________________________

Take a photo of the interviewee if they give permission. Mark the back of the photo or underneath the print of a digital photo with the name of the interviewee and the date and location of the interview. Position your video camera or tape recorder near enough to get clear audio without background interference.

Migrant Farm Worker Interview Questions:

What is your name and age?

What is your connection to or experience with farm labor?

Where and when did your connection to or experience in farm labor take place?

Describe what you personally know about the following issues related to migrant farm workers. (Skip those topics about which the interviewee has no experience)


Working conditions


Relations between laborers and managers



Describe one day or one incident you can remember about farm work or farm workers:
When the incident or day occurred:

Who was involved:

What happened:

What did it mean to you? to others?

What did you know about Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers?

In what ways did Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers influence your life and work?

What is your feeling about Cesar Chavez Day on March 31?

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