César Chávez in the News

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Get your topic assignment from your editor. You may be assigned by the editor to work with a partner.

    Step 1
    Learn the newspaper style of writing the editor needs.

    Examine 3-5 news articles from various newspapers (including Spanish language newspaper if possible)

    • Look for elements such as lead sentence, first paragraph and inverted pyramid writing

      Most important information at beginning
      Who, What, When, Where, Why Details in next paragraphs

    • Evaluate how and when pictures and graphics are used.

    • Count the words in the lead sentence and the first paragraph.

    Step 2
    Do your research

    Use the Internet resources and print resources listed below to find out key events, contributions, and facts about the topic related to César Chávez that you have been assigned.

    Step 3
    Write a three-five paragraph news story following the newspaper format learned above.

    • Use computers for writing, if possible, to simulate the news room and for ease of revision.

    Step 4
    Present your story to the “Editorial Board,” made up of your fellow reporters.

    • Share stories in groups of five by doing a read around, each person offering at least one positive comment and a suggestion (spelling, sentence structure, way to make it more interesting).

    Step 5
    Revise your story based on the comments from the Editorial Board.

    Step 6
    Present your work to the senior editor (teacher, aide, older students) Suggest a headline to them for their approval.