César Chávez in the News

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California Senate Bill 984 was signed into law in August of 2000. Through this legislation California joins Texas and Arizona in recognizing the life and work of César Chávez, founder of the United Farm Workers.

California Times
Publisher's Office
Downtown California

To: News Editor

From: Sam Rodrigo Jones, Publisher

Subject: News spread explaining the Chávez Recognition Day

The new holiday recognizing César Chávez that the governor recently signed needs a big write up in the paper. Many young people don't even know who César Chávez was and what he did that makes people want a special recognition day for him in California. We need to get a jump on the TV news for once and come up with a great spread that features the life and work of Chávez and why people need to remember him. Include lots of pictures, some interviews if you can. Hold a meeting with the news staff and get on it right away!

You are a reporter on the California Times newspaper staff. Your editor wants you to write an article about an achievement of César Chávez for the feature edition on the holiday. The editor has laid out these topics for articles.

  • Chávez childhood and early life
  • Life of migrant farm workers
  • United Farm Workers Union beginnings
  • Example of event showing Chávez' leadership methods
  • Some of Chávez statements and beliefs
  • Story of the Grape Boycott
  • Why California needs a holiday recognizing Chávez
  • Photo display of key events in Chávez career
  • Timeline of major events in Chávez career with other key events that were taking place at the same time in the larger society
  • Interview of local person who knew Chávez or had some dealings with the United Farm Workers


Margaret Hill Ph.D.
History Social Science Coordinator
San Bernardino County Supperintendent of Schools