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Teacher Notes

This amendment is VERY controversial - some people argue about every word. It is commonly accepted that Americans have the right to own guns, but under what conditions, what types of guns, and how many often becomes a focus of debate. Did the founding fathers actually mean machine guns could be owned by citizens for shooting rabbits? Of course not, there weren't any machine guns yet. But exactly what they did mean has been the center of the storm on gun control for at least 200 years.
  1. Some would argue that "A well regulated militia" means that the right to bear arms protected states and not individuals. They say that since we now have standing armies (the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines), we no longer need militias, and if we don't need militias, then people have no need for guns. Do you believe that Americans need guns?
  2. There are those who believe that we need guns to protect ourselves and our families from criminals. Is this a good reason to have a gun in the house?
  3. There are those who believe that people need guns to protect themselves and their families from government. Does this sound like a good reason to keep a gun in the house?
  4. What about the type of gun the amendment protects? Should the government have the right to say that there are certain guns that people cannot have? What if you are a gun collector, and you have every gun ever made from 1921-1999 except for the AK47. You don't want to shoot anybody, but you collect guns and want an AK47. Should the government be allowed to tell you that you can't have this model gun?
  5. What problems arise from having guns in the home? Who is most likely to get shot by that gun?
  6. Is there anyway to prevent the tragedy of little children being shot accidentally in their homes? Does the government have a duty to protect children from accidentally being shot?
  7. What if someone breaks into a home and steals a gun collection? What prevents those guns from being used later in a crime?
  8. What about hunters rights? In some parts of the country hunting is very popular. Are the people who enjoy hunting responsible gun owners, practicing gun safety?
  9. There is a lot of talk right now about registration and trigger locks, and smart guns. Should the government be allowed to pass laws about the ownership of guns? Is it OK for the government to make people wait 30 days to get a gun so they can do a background check?
  10. A popular saying is, "If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns." Do you believe this is true?
  11. If the government required everyone over 18 to carry a gun at all times, would criminals be less likely to commit crimes? If people did not know who had a gun, would they be less likely to start a fight? Some places have tried to do this, and make people carry a gun. How successful do you think this plan would be?
  12. Rewrite the 2nd amendment to make it say what you believe we should do about guns.