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Teacher Notes

On this page there are a few "what ifs" for you to think about. You can do these in your head or on paper, depending on what your teacher wants.

RELIGION (Don't forget - The Constitution can not help or hurt any religion.)

1. Is it okay for the city of Los Angeles to put on a Jesus Festival at Christmas ? Why?

Okay, that was too easy. How about this one.

2. Is it okay for Beverly Hills High School to use the 10 Commandments as their school rules?

Did you get fooled? Okay, how about this one, if you get this one right you might become a Supreme Court Justice.

3. How come public schools can't have a moment of prayer, but at every meeting of The House of Representatives and The Senate they begin with a prayer?

You're right, that is a tough one. That one still hasn't been answered.

4. Why does the Bill of Rights make it okay for someone to believe that there is NO God?


1. Do you think that newspapers have the right to print anything they want?

  • Should the paper print the secrets of the love lives of movie stars?
  • Should the paper print report card grades of students in school?
  • Should the paper print the names and addresses of all undercover police officers?
  • Should the paper print the secret plans of the military when we are at war?

2. What about magazines. What is so wrong about saying that a movie star was seen at a restaurant with someone besides his wife? Why is that so bad?

  • Do you think that we should know about the politicians and what they do?
  • Is it okay to print pictures of famous people taking drugs?
  • Is it okay to put naked pictures of famous people in magazines?
3. How would you decide what to print or what not to print if you were the editor of a newspaper or a magazine?

4. Should people be allowed to say whatever they want to say?

  • Is it okay to wear a shirt that says, "America Sucks?"
  • Is it okay to say you have a bomb when you are in an airport?
  • Do you think it is okay to say that all white people are conceited? Or rich?
  • Is it okay to say anything you want to about a whole group of people?
5. If you could make the rules - what rules would you make about what people can and can't say?

FREE ASSEMBLY - All groups have the right to peacefully assemble - even groups we might not like.

  1. Is it okay for a huge motorcycle gang to come into the pizza parlor all at one time?
  2. Can the members of a church choir have a meeting in the library and start busting the chairs and throwing books?
  3. Can the members of the Ku Klux Klan march in a parade with signs saying that they hate all African Americans?
  4. Is it okay for a group to meet in someone's garage and build bombs while at the meeting?
  5. What about a meeting of all the people that hated the president? Could the president then get a list of everybody at that meeting so he could get even with them?
  6. Would you want to change this rule?

Which of these 1st amendment rights do you think is the most important? Why?