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Teacher Notes

It's 3:00 in the morning and there's a knock at your door. You drag yourself to the front door and are amazed to see 24 police officers in your front yard. The lead officer tells you that he knows you have some illegal substances in the house and demands to be let in. What would you do?

One of the main reasons that the 4th amendment was added was so that police officers (officers of the government) couldn't just go to houses and plan a bust to get rid of anybody who criticized the government. Therefore, we have protection against the government from abusing it's own power. Otherwise, maybe the president would send the police to raid the houses of the people who ran against him in the election to try and find anything wrong so those people can be put in jail.

  1. When the police come to your house, there are 3 ways they can get in. What are they?
  2. If they have a warrant, what must be written on the warrant? There are 4 answers to this question.
  3. What if the police find something that they weren't looking for? What do they do? What should you do?
  4. Can the police search your car if they feel like it?
  5. What one thing must be true for the police to stop you and search you?
  6. If there is a large fire in a building, and the police see you running away with a gasoline can, do they have the right to stop you and search you?
  7. What if the police search your house with a warrant, and find some drugs that you know were not there before the police came into your home? What if they found something and you truly were innocent? Do you have any rights? (You might have to check another amendment).
  8. When the police search your house and your car and find illegal drugs, do you think that they'll believe you when you say, "It's not mine, I was just watching my friend's stuff?" Do you think it matters if it isn't your stuff, but was in your house and your car?
  9. Why is this amendment so important to law abiding citizens?