The Task The Process Learning Advice Resources Evaluation Notes to the Teacher

The Process

Include the following steps in your process:

  1. Establish the roles each of your team members will assume: historian, graphic designer, and broker. Select a name for your brokerage firm and design a logo for it.
  2. Learn about art brokerage by visiting Art Tips for Collectors.
  3. Keep a team project journal to record your thoughts, questions, information you find in your search, and where you go to find that information.
  4. Prepare a brief history of the people and the art from the Northwest Coast region. First, brainstorm in your team everything you know about that culture. Next, develop questions that would lead you in your search for information, such as:
  5. Create a map showing where the main tribes in the area lived.
  6. View examples in the resources listed below. Ask yourself the following questions:
  7. Create a chart showing how five typical artists used the elements of art (line, shape, space, form, color, and texture) to create their pieces.
  8. Create a spreadsheet recording the current pricing trends of masks, totems, jewelry, sculpture, and prints. Based on the data, create a graph of these pricing trends. Once you select art pieces to recommend to your client, indicate where the selections fall on the graph. Provide your client an explanation for their relationship to the mean price.
  9. Select the 3 art pieces you recommend for your client. Remember to represent each of the purposes for art in your final group of pieces - religious significance, illustrating social status, or functional. Record your reasoning in your journal to use later in your presentation.
  10. Download and print copies of the images you chose.
  11. Prepare a presentation persuading the client to choose your firm based on your professional knowledge and understanding of the Northwest Coast culture and art, and your ability to critique this art.