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Use the following links to evaluate your work:


Include the answers to these questions in your team journal. You may answer these questions individually or as a group.

  1. How did using a journal help you complete this project?
  2. How did you work as a team?
  3. Which questions did your team find helpful in guiding your research?
  4. Did you access and use information from a variety of resources? How do you think this improved your final product?
  5. How did you determine if the art pieces were truly representative of the Northwest Coast culture?
  6. What methods did you use to communicate information in your team's final presentation? What was most effective and why?


How would you describe the art of the Northwest Coast people? What role did art play in their culture and history?

Northern Kwakiutl Chief mask by reknowned Northwest Coast Native artist

Emil Kewistep-Thibert


  1. Using what you have learned about Northwest Coast art, create a two dimensional cut paper totem representing yourself. Explain the symbolism you use.
  2. By now you should have a good understanding of the importance of art in the Northwest Coast native culture. Take a quick look at Costal Arts Online Gallery to see fine examples of Northwest Coast art. Click on the "Cultures" link to find out how Northwest Coast art differs from what is referred to as Native American art.