How Apple Valley Got Its Name


How Apple Valley Got Its Name

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How Apple Valley Got Its Name

by Julian

It seems like there are no records to show how Apple Valley really got its name. Most people think it's because apples were grown here when the first settlers came.

Another thing people believe is that it was named for Appleton who was an early developer in the area. they dropped the "ton" from his name because they laughed and said, "Apples don't grow by the ton here."

"Following in the tracks of the railroads, land developers such as the Appleton Land & Water Co. and Ursula M. Poates continued to promote real estate around the "gateway: to the Golden Land of Opportunity." the colorful, dynamic Mrs. Poates advertised lots in newspapers everywhere and is credited with the naming of Apple Valley, derived from her 640-acre "City of Apple" filed in 1893." from Victor Valley History Website