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How Apple Valley Got Its Name

Where in the World is Apple Valley?

Prehistoric Apple Valley

Native Americans*

The Chimney Rock Battle

Deadman's Point

The Apple Valley Gold Rush*

Roy Rogers & Dale Evans

Apple Valley Inn

Apple Vallley Airport

Vic's Barbershop

Interesting Things

We are students from Mojave Mesa Elementary School.

Come and join us as we explore AppleValley, California.

We've learned that our town's past stretches from petroglyphs, to becoming America's Favorite Vacationland and now it's a modern city of 50,000 people.

Jump in and learn about why we are so proud of our hometown.

Petroglyphs show that people were living in the Apple Valley area 10,000 years ago.

The famous Apple Valley Inn became known as America's Favorite Vacationland.

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