Learning Advise




Teacher Notes
  1. Organize into groups of four museum exhibit developers for each labor leader. Asign each member of the team two of the display topics
    • In addition, select one member of the team who will be the project leader. This person will be responsible for the timeline. He/she will elicit the perspectives of the whole group and write up the information on the last question.

  1. Develop a project development plan. Include the team members, assignments and date their work is due.

  2. Conduct research on the assigned person using the Internet, the textbook, films, or library materials. Take careful notes, list your source, the author, the key points, and the page.

  3. Determine the type of physical display structure your group will use, and assemble the materials needed, such as a
    • bulletin board (classroom)
    • tri-fold styrofoam History Day-type project board
    • poster board display assembled in the round
    • other

  1. Input the information for each topic on a word processor, making the title of the section bold or in color

  2. Mount each section on colored construction paper on your display.

  3. Make a presentation to the Museum Board about what your labor leader achieved (both positive and negative) and if he/she should be considered as representative of America’s ideals expressed in the Constitution.

  4. As a class, select the person from the presentations who should be recognized in the Labor Hall of Fame as the labor leader who best represents America’s democratic ideals.