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Labor Hall of Fame

The United States is well known as a land of opportunity and a country where not only are freedoms protected, but one of the highest standards of living in the world is enjoyed. All acknowledge that this is in many ways due to the inventiveness of its scientists and skill of its business leaders. Now it is time to acknowledge the critical role that workers have played in the achievements and prosperity of the United States.

For Labor Day this year, a new Labor Hall of Fame on the Mall in Washington D.C. is being unveiled. It will record the contributions of labor leaders and unions to the success of America. It will have pictures and a description of the achievements of the major labor leaders in America and their contributions to the success of this great nation.

We need your help to make this Hall of Fame a reality. We need exciting and informative museum displays on the major labor leaders put together as quickly as possible. A few suggestions of key leaders are given below but others are welcome.

You will find that not all of the labor leaders were highly regarded by many people in American society. After the exhibits are complete, you are asked to select the labor leader who most represents America’s democratic ideals expressed in the Constitution.