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The following people are the heart of the CA3R Project and are the vital liaisons to public schools, county offices of education, universities and colleges, and nonprofit educational organizations. They help develop resources for teaching about religion and religious liberty in public schools, organize programs in their regions, present sessions at conferences and institutes, and serve as local CA3Rs Project contacts.

Jim Antenore, Irvine Unified School District
Elsie Begler, International Studies Teacher Education Project, San Diego State University    
Avi Black, Alameda County Office of Education
Karen Claborn, Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District
Connie DeCapite, Fullerton International Resources for Schools and Teachers, California State University Fullerton Studies
Angela Dorough, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools
Merrell Frankel, California Council for the Social Studies
Deborah Granger, Orange County Department of Education
Bruce Grelle, Religion and Public Education Resource Center,          California State University Chico
Michelle Herczog, Los Angeles County Office of Education
Marsha Ingrao, Tulare County Office of Education
Sue Mogull, Capitol Region Lead, Institute for Curriculum Services
Laurie Mosier, San Diego County Office of Education
Kathy Northington, Calavares County Office of Education
Kimberly Plummer, Educational Consultant
David Walters, Santa Clara County Office of Education, CCSS        Sunburst Editor
Rosaleen Zisch, Consultant San Jose Unified School District