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Resources from the First Amendment Center

Finding Common Ground

Religious Liberty in Public Schools

School Prayer

Student Religious Practices

Teaching About Religion

The Bible and Public Schools

Teachers’ Religious Liberties

Public Schools and Religious Communities

Religious Clubs on School Campuses

Charles Haynes Commentaries on the First Amendment\collection.aspx?

The following sites are not endorsed by the California Three Rs Project but have been recommended by scholars of religous liberties.

Other Resources

The Pluralism Project at Harvard University

Religion and Public Education Resource Center

Religion and Ethics Newsweekly

Religion in the Public Schools: Anti-Defamation League

Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life

Teaching About Religion

Bill of Rights Institute

Constitutional Rights Foundation

Center for Civic Education

The Religious Freedom Page

U.S. Department of Justice - First Freedoms Project

First Freedom Center

National School Boards Association – School Law Issues

Curriculum Materials on the Constitution and Bill of Rights

First Freedom Center - High-School Lesson Plans

The Constitution for Kids

Education for Freedom: Lesson Plans for Teaching the First Amendment

Exploring Constitutional Law

Why the Bill of Rights - What Impact Does It Have?

The First Amendment: What's Fair in a Free Country
Bill of Rights: A Reading Comprehension Lesson

Picture Books and the Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights Day

What Responsibilities Accompany Our Rights?

Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom

An Approach to Teaching Religious Tolerance

Religious Convictions: Exploring Current Debates Involving the Separation of Church and State

Justice Learning: Civic Education in the Real World

Separating of Church and State

Tolerating Diversity: Exploring the Shaping of Tolerance and Intolerance

In Whom Do We Trust? An Examination of the Separation of Church and State

In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash: Examining the Role of Faith-Based Organizations in Government

Religious Convictions: Exploring Current Debates Involving the Separation of Church and State

Literature for Elementary Students

Below is a selection of nonfiction children’s books to teach about the Constitution and Bill of Rights to elementary students. The numbers in brackets are recommended grade levels. The Education for Freedom site [above] recommends using children's biographies of key people who exemplified freedoms in the Bill of Rights. The Picture Books and the Bill of Rights site [above] gives examples of children's books that could be used to teach civics lessons about rights.

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