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The California Three Rs Project publishes a bulletin four times per year with information about topics of concern to the schols and community related to religions and after First Amendment liberties. Below are pdf versions of the California Three Rs Bulletins. You may duplicate them for use in schools.

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March 2008
From Diversity to Pluralism – Getting to “We” in Public Schools

January 2008
Learning About Religion and Beliefs in the Classroom Using Primary Sources

October 2007
Implementing a World Religions Class - One California District’s Experience

April 2007
Academic Study o Religion - The Three Rs in Practice in the Curriculum

February 2007
Applying the Three Rs Principles in Our Schools

November 2006
Student Religious Expression in Pubic Schools
Adapted from U.S. Department of Education Guidelines

September 2006
Does Music with a Sacred Text Have a Place in the
Public Schools?

April 2006
Controversial Issues in Public Schools Applying the Three Rs Principles

February 2006 -
Religion in the History-Social Science Textbook Adoption

November 2005 -
Student Religious Clubs in Public Schools

August 2005 -
Displaying Religious Documents in the School and Classroom

April 2005 -
Student Expression at Graduation: What's a Principal to Do?

February 2005 -
Religous Accomodations in School

November 2004 -
Teaching About Religion

Fall 2004 -
Schools and Religious Communities

May 2004 -
School Prayer

January 2004 -
Staking Out Common Ground

November 2003 -
Religions Holidays and Public Schools

Fall 2003 -
Finding Common Ground