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Grade 8:
U.S. History and Geography: Growth and Conflict

Unit Description
1a Colonial Heritage and American Democracy
1b Declaration of Independence and Natural Law
1c Significance of the American Revolution
2a Documents of Freedom
2b Principles of the U.S. Constitution
3a Northwest Ordinance
3b Formation of Political Parties
3c Free Press and Citizen Participation
4 Early American Leaders, Events, and Culture
5 War of 1812, Monroe Doctrine, and Indian Treaties
6 American Northeast: 1800-1850
7 American South: 1800-1850
8 American West: 1800-1850
9 Abolition
10 Civil War
11 Reconstruction
12a Industrial America: Agriculture, Business, Government, and Labor
12b Native American Policy
12c Immigration and Social Issues
12d Grangerism and Populism
12e Inventors and Inventions

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