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Grade 10:
World History and Geography: The Modern World

Unit Description
1 Principles of Greco-Roman, Judeo-Christian Thought
2 Rise of Democratic Ideas: Glorious, American, and French Revolutions
3a Industrial Revolutions
3b Capitalism and Its Challengers
3c Romanticism
4 Imperialism and Colonialism
5a Causes and Course of World War I
5b Russian Revolution and Ottoman-Armenian Conflict
6 Effects of World War I
7 Rise of Totalitarianism
8 Causes and Consequences of World War II
9a Cold War Causes
9b Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan
9c Eastern Europe and Uprisings
9d Middle East Nationalism
9e Collapse of the Soviet Union
9f UN, Warsaw Pact, SEATO, NATO, OAS
10a Modern Middle East
10b Modern Africa
10c Modern Latin America, Including Mexico
10d Modern China
11 Technology, Communication, and World Economy
12a Unresolved Problems: Hunger and Economic Development (Optional)
12b Unresolved Problems: War and Terrorism (Optional)
12c Unresolved Problems: Environment (Optional)
12d Unresolved Problems: Human Rights (Optional)

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