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An Adventure to the New World

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Description: You, as an agent for the King and Queen, are hereby authorized to make a journey to the New World on the behalf of our kingdom. All of our rivals are competing for land, trade and wealth. Whoever wins will be the strongest kingdom in Europe. It is imperative that you succeed. Standards 5.2.1, 5.2.2, and 7.11.1

Author: Susan Boilon, West Cottonwood JH

Lesson ID: 63

Take Only Photos and Leave Only Bubbles

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Description: The National Oceanographic Association (NOA) announces the opportunity for university marine archaeologists to submit a proposal for the chance to excavate a recent discovery of a Spanish Galleon. The galleon was found at the Key Largo Coral Reef in the National Marine Sanctuary. The shipwreck was located by NOA's Costal Operation, which analyzes bottom habitats. You have been chosen to serve on a marine archaeologist team. Standards 7.11.1 and 7.11.2

Author: Cathy Rosen, Moss Landing Middle School

Lesson ID: 1002

A Bishop's Description of the Christianized Indians of Spanish Florida, 1675

Description: This description of life in the Spanish Florida missions was written in 1675 to Queen Mariana of Spain by the bishop of Cuba, Gabriel D az Vara Calder n. The bishop had just returned from an arduous ten-month inspection of Florida's Franciscan missions, all of which fell under his jurisdiction. By his count, Bishop Calder n administered the rite of confirmation to 13,152 Indians. Standards 5.3.1 and 5.4.5

Author: Peter A. Cowdrey Jr., Organization of American Historians

Lesson ID: 1

Dark Frigate

Description: Based on The Dark Frigate, Newberry Award winning novel about pirates of seventeenth century England, students will investigate the rich language of the time period as well as the nautical terms. Students will study the characters developed by Hawes, create Found Poems and Response Journals, make Geometric Characters for the main characters in the story, and create a captain's log for an imaginary trip across the Atlantic from England to North America. Standards 7.11.3

Author: Deborah Gaulin, SCORE Language Arts Cyberguide

Lesson ID: 285

Discovery Channels: Investigating the Legacies of Exploration and Colonization

Description: In this lesson, students explore the issues surrounding the celebration of Columbus Day and investigate the impact and legacy of exploration and colonization through group research. Students synthesize the information they have gathered and create a first person narrative about exploration and colonization. Standard 7.11.2

Author: Elyse Fischer, New York Times Learning Network

Lesson ID: 1422

Life at Sea: Sores, Scabs, and Scurvy

Description: One of the major obstacles to European exploration was keeping a crew healthy long enough to make it the great distances involved. What kinds of diseases did sailors contract during the Age of Exploration and before? How did their captains try to deal with these diseases? Read Health Measures on Board and how Captain Cook tried to do a better job of saving his men than other captains. Standards 5.2.2 and 7.11.3

Author: Mariner's Museum, Newport News, Virginia

Lesson ID: 661

Reasons for and Outcomes of the European Exploration: 1492 and 1620

Description: Rather than dwell on a chronology of explorers and accomplishments, this activity has been designed to emphasize in-depth research of a few explorers and to use this research to infer the exploration policies of the countries involved. The countries and explorers included are: Spain: Cortes, Pizarro, DeSoto, Coronado; France: Verrazano, de Champlain, Marquette and Joliet; England/Netherlands: Hudson, Gilbert, Frobisher. Standards 5.2.1, 5.2.2, 5.2.3, 7.11.1, and 7.11.2

Author: Council for Citizenship Education, Crossroads Curriculum

Lesson ID: 880

7 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 7, Unit 11a, The Age of Exploration
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